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Saturday, February 24th, 2024 - 02:33:20 AM (gmt)
ball MSWL UNITED ① Season 47 // Teams
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Leeds United
Abe Hamdali
Historical Record: 518-223-498 (0.508)
Current Season: 3-3-5 (0.409)
Bank 1949 / CP 23
Captain: Daniel Becker
Team Awards
1 Youth Cup Title

Next Session

16 Feb 24 Preston North End FC 1st Division - R7
17 Feb 24 @Nottingham Forest 1st Division - R8

Recent Results

13 Feb 17 L1 - 3@Lincoln City FC 1st Division - R6
12 Feb 17 D1 - 1Lewes FC 1st Division - R5
10 Feb 10 L2 - 4@Plymouth Argyle FC FA Cup - R2
9 Feb 10 L1 - 2@Queens Park Rangers 1st Division - R4
8 Feb 10 W2 - 0Brentford FC 1st Division - R3
7 Feb 03 W1 - 0(n)Weston-super-Mare AFC Alan Parr Cup - Group
5 Feb 03 D2 - 2Tranmere Rovers 1st Division - R2
4 Feb 03 L1 - 3@Bristol City FC 1st Division - R1
3 Jan 27 L0 - 2(n)Lewes FC Alan Parr Cup - Group
2 Jan 27 D1 - 1(n)Swindon Town FC Alan Parr Cup - Group

Coach's Biography: Abe Hamdali

I am now a veteran of MSWL since I've been part of the league since season 2. I am very thankful to Allan Sellers who made this possible for

me. Iam also thankful to Mike Cabral for introducing me to the world of simulated soccer Since session 2, I have been coaching Leeds United. I

also plan on staying with the team and hope to win few trophies in the near future.

I currently live in Rhode Island where I resided since 1987. Locally, I am a big fan of the New England Patriots [US Football], The New England

Revolution [soccer]. I do follow the Celtics as well but I am more interested in college Basketball. Especially the URI basketball team. No surprise

there since I graduated from the URI Engineering school in 1992. Internationally, I like Barcelona soccer club.

Career wise and like few other guys on the site, I work at Meditech and I am part of the night crew like Rob and Brian [Who's leaving us next


I like music, soccer, running, swimming and Karate. I am also a big music fan. I enjoy playing guitar and listening to Jazz, Ska, Blues and Reggae.

I like to travel the world and hope to be able to visit as many places as possible.


Team Roster

Players (26)
Tadhg Boyle III Gk 16 
Rik Fellaini Gk 
Edoardo Martini III Sw 13 
Nathan Vilain II Sw 
Joaquin Benítez III Df 13 
Keith Wilson II Df 13 
Yozhef Shapoval Df 12 
Manuel Palencia Df 11 
Servando Verón APP Df 
Sam Shrimpton IV Df 
Frederik Hansen SBY Df 
Tom Hammond III Mf 13 
Roberto Gutierrez Mf 10 
Leonardo Gallo II Mf 
Etienne Waseige APP Mf 
Hayden Redmayne APP Mf -3 
Leif Abrahamsen SBY Mf 
Tomer Mizrachi IV Mf 
Jens Larsen II Fw 13 
Christophe Thuram Fw 13 
Brandon Morgan IV Fw 10 
Daniel Becker (c) IV Fw 10 
Mbark Sabiri APP Fw 
Geon-u Seung-woo APP Fw -1 
Kevin De Smet SBY Fw 
Lewis Triggs SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
David Weiss Coach 
Darren Webster Groundsman 
Isaac Saunders II Physio 
Riley King II Youth Coach 
Luke Fitzgerald Youth Coach 
Harley Singh Youth Director 
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