Thursday, May 23rd, 2024 - 12:51:52 AM (gmt)
ball MSWL UNITED ① Season 48 // Teams
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Bristol City FC
Roger Mendonça
Historical Record: 528-272-477 (0.520)
Current Season: 1-1-1 (0.500)
Bank 2031 / CP 48
Captain: John Jackson
Team Awards
3 League Titles
1 FA Shield Title
1 Alan Parr Cup Title

Next Session

4 May 25 Preston North End FC 1st Division - R1
5 May 25 @Lewes FC 1st Division - R2
6 May 25 Cardiff City FC FA Cup - R1
7 May 25 (n)Wycombe Wanderers Alan Parr Cup - Group

Recent Results

3 May 18 W3 - 1(n)Leicester City FC Alan Parr Cup - Group
2 May 18 L2 - 3(n)Chesterfield FC Alan Parr Cup - Group
1 May 18 D1 - 1@Cardiff City FC FA Cup - R1

Coach's Biography: Roger Mendonça

Northampton resident, Saints before Cobblers, still getting over how long ago the 90s were when I first started playing United based games.

Long-term strategist by nature and trade - well that's my excuse for short term failure....


Team Roster

Players (30)
Alberto Flores II Gk 14 
Marco Vedder IV Gk 
Sean Marshall IV Gk 
Reece Gregory III Sw 13 
Mario Rojas II Df 13 
Marcus Bergman III Df 11 
Cadwaladr Lewis Df 10 
Luiz Correia IV Df 
Eugene Goodwin APP Df 
Ashley Brown IV Df 
Willy Cerfbeer SBY Df 
Trevor Milner Df 
Steven Simons II Mf 13 
Tyler Page III Mf 11 -2 
Isaac Semenyo Mf 10 
Efe Akpan APP Mf 
Rafal Karas SBY Mf 
Alex James Mf 
Armand Songo'o II Fw 13 
John Jackson (c) III Fw 11 
Dafydd Chapman Fw 10 
Mbark Sabiri Fw 10 
Jørn Nielsen III Fw 10 
Bryan Deshayes IV Fw 
Domingo Crespo IV Fw 
Ulf Helander APP Fw 
Lee Scott Fw 
Bailey Ritchie Fw 
Julius Nwosu SBY Fw -2 
Tiago Pinto SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Oscar Sharp II Coach 
Dave Richards II Groundsman 
Gregory Anderson II Physio 
Brandon Lloyd II Youth Coach 
Jakob Enevoldsen Youth Coach 
Pablo Luna II Youth Director 
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