Monday, November 19th, 2018 - 08:04:05 AM (gmt)
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Hereford United FC
Mike Parnaby
Historical Record: 380-169-292 (0.552)
Current Season: 3-1-2 (0.583)
Bank 993 / CP 22
Captain: Roger Taylor
Team Awards
1 League Title
2 FA Cup Titles
2 FA Shield Titles
3 Alan Parr Cup Titles
3 Youth Cup Titles

Next Session

8 Nov 24 Swansea City AFC 3rd Division - R3
9 Nov 24 @Wycombe Wanderers 3rd Division - R4
10 Nov 24 Lewes FC FA Cup - R2

Recent Results

7 Nov 17 L1 - 3(n)Dagenham & Redbridge Alan Parr Cup - Group
5 Nov 17 L0 - 1Derby County 3rd Division - R2
4 Nov 17 D0 - 0@Swindon Town FC 3rd Division - R1
3 Nov 10 W2 - 0(n)Swansea City AFC Alan Parr Cup - Group
2 Nov 10 W4 - 0(n)Coventry City Alan Parr Cup - Group
1 Nov 10 W3 - 2Port Vale FC FA Cup - R1

Coach's Biography: Mike Parnaby

Well, here I am back again, this time with Hereford United. As of today, 16/4/2018 I am 54 years old, married with a son. I live in Guisborough, which is in the north-east of England. I work in local government. I have two main hobbies in life, the first being play by mail football games and the second being Subbuteo Table football. It would be fair to say I have had more success in the latter of the two! I support Partick Thistle for my sins!

I have never had much luck in this game, or in MSWL 2, and never been able to work out why. I suspect my tactics are just wrong!


Team Roster

Players (25)
Nigel Cole II Gk 13 
Damien Lefevre IV Gk 
Kapolcs Simon APP Gk 
Alexander Moore Sw 11 
Peter Thompson III Sw 
Christopher Charlton SBY Sw 
Glenn Tufnel Df 11 
Erlend Andresen III Df 10 
Adam Neville II Df 10 
Sam Lester II Df 10 
Joe St.Hubbins IV Df 
Richard Morales APP Df 
Ryan Simpson SBY Df 
Rolando  Hernández II Mf 12 
Thomás Futre Mf 11 
Taylor Cook III Mf 10 
Doron  Avraham APP Mf 
Daniel Jackson SBY Mf 
Roger Taylor (c) II Fw 13 
Henry Elliott Fw 11 
Louis Lamour III Fw 10 
Damien Prat III Fw 
Lucas Kjeldbjerg IV Fw 
Kieran Harewood APP Fw 
Sebastian Cockham SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Valentin Antoine II Coach 
Eugenio Ledesma Groundsman 
Rodrigo Rojas II Physio 
Juan Gómez Youth Coach 
Hayden Paterson Youth Coach 
Steve Fisher II Youth Director 
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