Sunday, December 17th, 2017 - 11:20:58 PM (gmt)
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Leicester City FC
Hazel Hawker
Historical Record: 261-116-314 (0.462)
Current Season: 3-1-8 (0.292)
Bank 370 / CP 20
Team Awards

Next Session

16 Dec 23 @Carlisle United 2nd Division - R7
17 Dec 23 @Chesterfield FC 2nd Division - R8

Recent Results

15 Dec 16 L1 - 3@Queens Park Rangers Alan Parr Cup - R2
13 Dec 16 L1 - 5Dorchester Town 2nd Division - R6
12 Dec 16 L0 - 3@Hereford United FC 2nd Division - R5
11 Dec 09 W5 - 2Leeds United FA Shield - R1
9 Dec 09 W7 - 0Crewe Alexandra FC 2nd Division - R4
8 Dec 09 L0 - 2@Leeds United 2nd Division - R3
7 Dec 02 W9 - 0(n)Wycombe Wanderers Alan Parr Cup - Group
5 Dec 02 L0 - 2@Brentford FC 2nd Division - R2
4 Dec 02 L3 - 4Lincoln City FC 2nd Division - R1
3 Nov 25 D0 - 0(n)Port Vale FC Alan Parr Cup - Group

Coach's Biography: Hazel Hawker

Hiya ... I am the Mum of the manager Cardiff City; wife of the manager of the Dagenham & Redbridge.

We live is Mid Wales - its a kinda damp place, so damp in fact many of the valley have been Dammed to supplier water for the England cities.  The Reservoir, waterfalls  and mountain sides are a haven for wildlife, great sunsets.  Whilst the tourist have a trek to get here - it here on a doorstep.

However Wales is Rugby Union Land - that my excuse for not knowing what I'm doing with this Globe shaped ball.

When not managing Leicester I am a Manufacturing Consultant, working with companies across UK and Western Europe - may be a challenging industry but keeps me out of mischief.


Team Roster

Players (26)
Billy Smith Gk 13 
Martim Fernandes III Gk 10 
Corey King SBY Gk 
Louis Evans II Sw 13 
Ivan Pascual APP Sw 
Daniel Lapid IV Sw 
Douglas Oliveira II Df 13 -3 
Algenon Richman III Df 11 
Cooper White Df 11 
Kenneth Murphy APP Df 
Aiden Simpson IV Df 
Tobias Kaiser SBY Df 
David Gutierrez II Mf 13 
Billy Bryant Mf 11 
Alfred Fredriksson III Mf 10 
William Rowbotham APP Mf 
Jack Humphreys IV Mf 
Nico Walter SBY Mf -2 
Leon Dury Fw 14 
David Foster II Fw 13 
Santiago Vidal II Fw 12 
Carlos  Torres III Fw 11 
Jermaine Humphreys IV Fw 
Hannes Olsson III Fw 
Hassan Cherkaoui APP Fw 
Nikolai Andresen SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Barry Whelan Coach 
Connor Baker II Groundsman 
Carrington Wilkins II Youth Coach 
Callum Bate II Youth Director 
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