Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 - 08:01:30 AM (gmt)
ball MSWL UNITED ① - Rankings
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End of Session 0 Rankings

Rk Pr Chg Name Record Points Previous Chg
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Thrilled to see Plymouth sneak into Top-10 at the end of the season. It was definitely a hard fight for the Pilgrims.
Rob ~ Jan. 31st at 7:26 PM
I guess I will remain the strongest team in this league - holding 29 others up.. !!
David ~ Jan. 20th at 7:39 PM
David, you best chat up mrs sellars I feel👍
Simon ~ Jan. 16th at 3:17 PM
Can we sneak past them🙄
Simon ~ Jan. 16th at 3:17 PM
Who do I bribe to get off the foot of this table??
David ~ Jan. 14th at 6:53 PM
The 1st division defending champs, Compo's Cobblers, are now lurking at just two points back in the 3rd place slot of both the rankings and 1st division table...
Allan ~ Jan. 7th at 12:02 AM
Lincoln City are in the quarters of the AP Cup and FA Shield. Are they also flying under the radar? Does C-Ball need to get the trophy case builder's cell phone number?
Allan ~ Dec. 17th at 12:57 AM
How about some love for da Imps? First showing for LIN in the top 10 in a loooooong time!
Mike ~ Dec. 17th at 12:32 AM
Weston continue to climb. Are they trying to fly under the radar like Port Vale?
Allan ~ Dec. 16th at 11:01 PM
those above me fully deserve their rankings. Weston are a humble lower league outfit.
Vick ~ Dec. 3rd at 12:37 AM
The computer continues to disrespect Vick who wins all three and can't move up at all from his 6th place perch...
Allan ~ Dec. 2nd at 10:29 PM
Bristol City in 12th, Tranmere in 13th. Can we just stop now, please?
Ellis ~ Nov. 27th at 12:40 PM
Of course Lewes not finished yet either
Simon ~ Apr. 30th at 3:21 PM
What a season, tranmere for the double or cobblers for their 1st league title?
Simon ~ Apr. 30th at 3:20 PM
Tranmere looking unstoppable
Dave ~ Apr. 9th at 2:49 PM
Bounced from both cups, there is no way we should be #2. Bad season
Dave ~ Apr. 2nd at 3:00 PM
This rebuilding lark is not easy. We are a long way from breaking in to the top ten.
Ellis ~ Mar. 22nd at 4:44 AM
I guess I hate Compo less in U1 than U2? :-) Oh and check out "crocodile tears" at the top spot...
Allan ~ Mar. 19th at 10:55 PM
Not any more!!!
Steve ~ Mar. 18th at 9:21 PM
It's mutual,Al
Steve ~ Mar. 12th at 10:37 PM
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