Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 - 03:54:11 AM (gmt)
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End of Session -2 Rankings

Rk Pr Chg Name Record Points Previous Chg
See this link for more information on how rankings are devised.
Is this true? Did Plymouth really finish as the #1 ranked team?! What an accomplishment!
Rob ~ Oct. 9th at 10:33 AM
This hurts bad... a loss to the LImps cost us top spot in the rankings.
Rob ~ Sep. 24th at 4:52 PM
LIN claws up to #9, tough, but fun, season thus far!
Mike ~ Sep. 22nd at 7:01 PM
With just 2 losses this campaign Tim and Oldham want to know "where's the rankings love?"...
Allan ~ Sep. 17th at 10:58 PM
Plymouth surge back to the #1 spot.
Allan ~ Sep. 16th at 1:00 AM
crikey just 5 points seprating the top 6 in the rankings. We need a good session this week to avoid a drop
Vick ~ Sep. 12th at 7:56 AM
1 good session, followed by 1 rough session. Rinse, lather, repeat.
Rob ~ Sep. 3rd at 1:05 PM
After years and years of suffering and having to claw our way up into the T10 rankings towards the end of the season, the Pilgrims are anything *but* tired of winning. We will ride the wave as long as possible.
Rob ~ Aug. 11th at 2:25 PM
Rob Peterson is probably getting tired of winning... ...and is there a commish and/or Olmec bias that means Compo isn't in first place at 3-0? Heck, the Olmec Head likes Olmec Head hater Dave Dohm more than Compo...
Allan ~ Aug. 6th at 11:25 PM
Well, still being updated...
Allan ~ Aug. 4th at 10:41 PM
Updated now Compo...typical. Dave Dohm in first place!
Allan ~ Aug. 4th at 10:34 PM
Strange rankings league
Simon ~ Aug. 4th at 10:19 PM
Plymouth SURGING up the rankings, moving up 4 spots solely on the back on their first Youth Cup finals appearance since Season 10 (incidentally, the year the Pilgrims won the coveted Cup).
Rob ~ May. 21st at 2:59 PM
Brentford laying in the weeds.....move up 6 spots.
Dave ~ May. 5th at 9:25 PM
3 more losses but we still hold 27/32 - how bad can the others be - we are back to the bottom of the whole pile in league placings.. :-(
David ~ Apr. 22nd at 8:48 AM
Still holding 27 of 32 in the rankings even after a bad weekend - life is "good"
David ~ Apr. 16th at 1:22 PM
Nice to see Crewe and Weston (two humble third division outfits) in the top 5 of the rankings. Carlisle are putting in an impressive performance too!
Vick ~ Apr. 15th at 10:21 PM
27th now out of 32 - I can't stand the height..
David ~ Apr. 2nd at 7:22 AM
Compo ranked 1st and I seem to get nothing but "I'm on annual leave" type auto-responses from him on my emails. I knew Compo took the month of August off, but its April Compo?!?! :-)
Allan ~ Apr. 1st at 10:50 PM
Rebuild is bumpy
Dave ~ Apr. 1st at 10:15 PM
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