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Friday, February 15th, 2019 - 10:05:38 PM (gmt)
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Derby County
Rob Baptiste
Historical Record: 325-136-336 (0.493)
Current Season: 0-0-0 (0.000)
Bank 1869 / CP 35
Captain: Wayne Mitchell
Team Awards
1 Alan Parr Cup Title

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Coach's Biography: Rob Baptiste

Intercontinental Man of Misery

Nicknamed "Comrade" Rob for my near Communist (I'd say Socialist) views in regards to [re]distributing the wealth via taxation, I was once the long time coach for Crewe Alexandra FC (Seasons 3 through 21?) with one Division I title and one Youth Cup.

I currently reside in Somerset, Massachusetts, USA which is home to another long time coach, Michael "C-Ball" Cabral (yes, if you've been looking to track him down in real-life I inadvertantly just helped you!) who happens to also be my boss [of my boss of my boss (not sure how far this goes)] at MEDITECH where even more MSWL coaches work.  I am the vegan father to one 10 year old boy named Trebor who is a whiz at Fortnite (watch out David Price!) and Geometry Dash.

I'm a true die-hard New England sports fan (yes, Homer - DOH!) as I cheer for EVERY one of the home teams, even the lowly MLS team the Revolution.  I'm an avid hypercar enthusiast and videogame collector.


Team Roster

Players (25)
Francis Carter II Gk 13 
Barry Barry APP Gk 
Gabriel Bateman Sw 10 
Andrew Robinson SBY Sw 
Jimmy Park  (1) III Df 12 
Connor East II Df 11 
Rhys Robinson IV Df 
Jonathan Grandjean APP Df 
Leo Marshall SBY Df 
Mehdi Saunier SBY Df 
Douglas Araújo II Mf 13 
Wayne Mitchell (c) Mf 10 
Pedro Rodrigues Mf 10 
Harrison Dixon IV Mf 
Max Bell APP Mf 
Louie Ball SBY Mf 
çngel Gabriel García III Mf 
Brian Perry SBY Mf 
Alexander Burns II Fw 13 
Jake McBrayne Fw 10 
Allan Johnson IV Fw 
Reece McGregor IV Fw 
Joseph Cockayne APP Fw 
Baptiste Lemmens APP Fw 
Juan Shelton SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Frank Walker II Coach 
Mohamed Gil II Groundsman 
Saburo Kato II Physio 
William Gascoigne II Youth Coach 
Thibault Lafon II Youth Coach 
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