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Swansea City AFC
Roy Rolsten
Historical Record: 281-139-303 (0.485)
Current Season: 7-7-11 (0.420)
Bank 1708 / CP 41
Team Awards
1 FA Shield Title
2 Alan Parr Cup Titles
1 Youth Cup Title

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Recent Results

39 Jan 27 D0 - 0@Bristol City FC 1st Division - R18
38 Jan 27 W1 - 0@Watford 1st Division - R17
35 Jan 20 W1 - 0Queens Park Rangers 1st Division - R16
34 Jan 20 L1 - 2@Preston North End FC 1st Division - R15
30 Jan 13 D2 - 2Northampton Town FC 1st Division - R14
29 Jan 13 D0 - 0@Nottingham Forest 1st Division - R13
26 Jan 06 W3 - 0@Port Vale FC 1st Division - R12
25 Jan 06 L0 - 2Tranmere Rovers 1st Division - R11
24 Dec 30 D1 - 1(n)Leeds United Youth Cup - R1
21 Dec 30 L1 - 4@Lewes FC 1st Division - R10

Coach's Biography: Roy Rolsten

This football obsessed fanatic was born in Manchester, raised in Stockton-on-Tees, educated at Sunderland University and then returned to Teesside as a civil servant.
I bought my first house a few years ago and moved in with my fiance Roisin in March 2010. We got married on 7th May 2011 - the same day the team I was a season ticket holder for Darlington were playing at Wembley and went on to lift the non-league FA Trophy! Then in September 2012 we were happy to announce the birth of our daughter Emily who will no doubt try to distract me from all football management games!

And she has. Many a time over the last two and a half years I've had to down tools to go and cuddle/feed/dummy up the little tyke. Additionally as a long term Evertonian it seems Emily only seems to like watching 'that team in red' grrrr! 

Well, Emily is now 3yrs and sleepng better, she's also more active and has a strange addiction to Lego Darth Vader (she hasn't seen the films, just the cartoons where he's a comedy figure) 

I started on MSWL Utd taking over a Forest side that had dropped to the foot of the whole league and over the course of 16 seasons made it once into the top flight. I saw Nottingham Forest play many years ago when they visited Darlington's old ground Feethams and played in the first leg of the League Cup at 8pm on a Tuesday night in the pouring rain. It was full to capacity - shoulder to shoulder on the terraces and despite going on to beat Forest in the 2nd leg the highlight of the day was definitely seeing Romanian international Dan Petrescu going flat on his face as he skidded through the puddles on the wing.

And now I've taken on the reigns at Swansea City. I've seen Swansea play quite a few times from about a decade ago when they were in League Two and visiting Darlington. They had one of the most talented players to play outside the Premiership at the time Lee Trundle he scored 78 goals in 146 appearances over 4 years and is now a youth team coach there. 


Team Roster

Players (28)
Laurence James III Gk 16 
Dominic Honeybun III Gk 11 
Pedro DaSilva SBY Gk 
Oliver Murphy APP Gk 
Oscar Ford Sw 13 
Barry Kennedy IV Sw 
Brandon McAdam II Df 13 
Kristian Hagen II Df 11 
Jonas Zimmermann Df 11 
Harry Clarke IV Df 
Sean Tufnel APP Df 
Edgar Dowson Df 
Fabian Schmitz SBY Df 
Carlos  Vargas III Df 
Douglas Carvalho Mf 14 
Ben Neuville II Mf 14 
William Martin APP Mf 10 
Lilian Menard III Mf 
Nathan Tufnel IV Mf 
Jonas Neuville SBY Mf 
Angus Sinclair II Mf 
Murray McIntosh SBY Mf 
Luis Guerrero Fw 14 
Elliot Baker II Fw 12 
Randy Burton III Fw 11 
Scott Murray APP Fw 
Jamie Rooney IV Fw 
Steven Milner SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Melvin Gunnarsson Coach 
Arthur Rigal Groundsman 
Nigel Charlton Physio 
Magnus Andersen II Youth Coach 
Jeff Porter II Youth Coach 
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