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Friday, February 15th, 2019 - 10:12:49 PM (gmt)
ball MSWL UNITED ① - Rankings
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End of Session -1 Rankings

Rk Pr Chg Name Record Points Previous Chg
See this link for more information on how rankings are devised.
our gulls are masters of flying.....
Vick ~ Dec. 28th at 12:26 AM
Is Weston flying under the radar?
Allan ~ Dec. 17th at 12:04 AM
With three straight losses this week normal service has sadly resumed...
Allan ~ Dec. 1st at 9:13 PM
After defeating Tranmere and Lewes in the same session we will enjoy our 15 minutes at the top of the league and rankings table. Normal service will likely resume after next session...
Allan ~ Nov. 24th at 10:10 PM
Can we just stop now? Will never get to the top position. This - second place in the rankings - is likely to be the peak of our season. Downhill from here?
Ellis ~ Nov. 11th at 4:55 AM
Is this true? Did Plymouth really finish as the #1 ranked team?! What an accomplishment!
Rob ~ Oct. 9th at 10:33 AM
This hurts bad... a loss to the LImps cost us top spot in the rankings.
Rob ~ Sep. 24th at 4:52 PM
LIN claws up to #9, tough, but fun, season thus far!
Mike ~ Sep. 22nd at 7:01 PM
With just 2 losses this campaign Tim and Oldham want to know "where's the rankings love?"...
Allan ~ Sep. 17th at 10:58 PM
Plymouth surge back to the #1 spot.
Allan ~ Sep. 16th at 1:00 AM
crikey just 5 points seprating the top 6 in the rankings. We need a good session this week to avoid a drop
Vick ~ Sep. 12th at 7:56 AM
1 good session, followed by 1 rough session. Rinse, lather, repeat.
Rob ~ Sep. 3rd at 1:05 PM
After years and years of suffering and having to claw our way up into the T10 rankings towards the end of the season, the Pilgrims are anything *but* tired of winning. We will ride the wave as long as possible.
Rob ~ Aug. 11th at 2:25 PM
Rob Peterson is probably getting tired of winning... ...and is there a commish and/or Olmec bias that means Compo isn't in first place at 3-0? Heck, the Olmec Head likes Olmec Head hater Dave Dohm more than Compo...
Allan ~ Aug. 6th at 11:25 PM
Well, still being updated...
Allan ~ Aug. 4th at 10:41 PM
Updated now Compo...typical. Dave Dohm in first place!
Allan ~ Aug. 4th at 10:34 PM
Strange rankings league
Simon ~ Aug. 4th at 10:19 PM
Plymouth SURGING up the rankings, moving up 4 spots solely on the back on their first Youth Cup finals appearance since Season 10 (incidentally, the year the Pilgrims won the coveted Cup).
Rob ~ May. 21st at 2:59 PM
Brentford laying in the weeds.....move up 6 spots.
Dave ~ May. 5th at 9:25 PM
3 more losses but we still hold 27/32 - how bad can the others be - we are back to the bottom of the whole pile in league placings.. :-(
David ~ Apr. 22nd at 8:48 AM
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