Thursday, October 18th, 2018 - 06:49:22 PM (gmt)
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Derby County Team News

Rob Baptiste
Welcome Back, Carter! (Session 7)
Posted by Rob Baptiste on Tuesday, Sep. 11th, 2018 at 12:15 PM

Last season, Francis Carter was a schoolboy goalkeeper whom Coach Baptiste decided to put into action on quite a few occasions rather than letting him learn from the bench if he had sit the whole season.  The numbers were not pretty in that season as he allowed 12 goals in just 21 shots for a paltry 43% save percentage but there was something that could be seen from those match appearances.  In the 7 matches played, he actually had 5 clean sheets (a stat that will be revealed to be one of the greatest misrepresentations of goalkeeping ability) and a fairly respectable overall GAA of 1.71 while even stopping 1 PK out of 4.  The drubbings had come from the hands - wait, feet - of Wycombe and Leicester City which were not considered the powerhouses of the league.  Francis did not give up another goal for the rest of the season but completely due to the fact that he never faced another shot on goal.  Five straight matches between the pipes and he basically could've been napping out there but he wasn't.  Francis was watching how the opposing players attempted to attack his goal and learning the coaching tendencies of the teams he faced.  Ownership did not have the finances to bring in a big named goalkeeper so they trusted Coach Baptiste's tutoring would help apprentice Carter become a viable goalkeeping option for this season.  It looked as though the Rams had made a huge miscalculation as Francis gave up 10 goals on just 17 shots, similar to last season's poor start.  Derby suffered their 1st home loss with Carter in net when Mr. Simpson's Bristol City edged out a 1-0 victory.  Francis did stop 4 of 5 shots, 80% is pretty good.  The next match may have seemed like a regression to most fans and maybe even experts as Hereford United struck 4 goals past the young goalkeeper however Francis actually played a great match as he stopped 17 shots!  He improved his save percentage to 81%.  Since then, Francis has allowed 2 goals in regulation time, 1 via 17 shots on goal and only 1 of 5 PK attempts (he also stopped a PK versus Plymouth earlier in the season).  

Readers Comments

Go for it Carter!

Vick Hall on Wednesday, Sep. 12th, 2018 at 7:39 AM
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